LEXER Markets

About LEXER Markets

Decentralized perpetual exchange for Crypto, Forex, NFT & more.
Lexer is a decentralised perpetual trading platform supporting a wide range of markets with deep liquidity, the core features of Lexer are:
  • Crypto, Forex, NFT and Indices markets
  • Up to 100x leverage
  • High real yield liquidity providing without impermanent loss
  • Advanced risk management

How does LEXER work and what makes it unique

Lexer is powered by its unprecedented and innovative Hybrid Liquidity Engine and Smart Router on top of an evolving group of Oracle-based Settlement Algorithms.
Lexer Architecutre

What is Oracle-based Settlement Algorithm?

Oracle-based settlement algorithm is a group of transaction settlement algorithms that rely on data from on-chain oracles, instead of reserve of liquidity in CFMM based, or liquidity depth in order-books.
Different settlement models


  • No price impact
  • Low to zero slippage
  • Instant settlement
  • High capital efficiency in liquidity providing
  • Enabling markets without physical inventory


  • Individual liquidity models only work well for specific type of assets and functions
  • Advanced risk management for LP is required for different market conditions
  • Oracle manipulation and front-running attack
Individual models work best only for specific markets and cases

What is Hybrid Liquidity Engine and how does it overcome the challenges

Hybrid Liquidity Engine organically combines multiple liquidity models into a single trading platform. Instead of trying to making one model to fit all use cases and markets, hybrid engine makes use of strengths from individuals and avoid weaknesses and thus more markets can be enabled easily without compromises.
More on Hybrid Liquidity Engine here.
Hybrid engine makes use of strengths from individuals and avoid weaknesses

What is Smart Router

The smart router is the mechanism capable of making decisions about how to route trades into according liquidity engines to optimize efficiency and performance. The smart router determine the best route for each trade to bring better utilization and balance between engines, this can help to improve trading experience and provide possibility to integrate more trading engines into Lexer and ultimately opens up more variety and market availability.
More on smart Router here.
Smart router unifies access to multiple LP engines and provides frictionless experience

What does it means for traders

  • Wider range of markets with deep liquidity
  • Supreme trading experience

What does it means for liquidity providers

  • High real yield opportunities without impermanent loss
  • Flexibility in choosing what types of markets to back and make risk-adjusted return

What does it means for protocols and ecosystem

  • Cross-protocol margining is made possible
  • New legos for building advanced Defi strategies
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