💰Economic Flow

Cash flow for Lexer

LEX is both a utility and governance token.

Currently, holders can participate in staking to receive 30% of the fees generated by the protocol in ETH.

In the future, when the protocol reaches a significant level of maturity, LEX will be used for decentralized governance.

Economic flow for Lexer

For an easier understanding on how the money flows in Lexer and how each party benefits:

  • Traders can deposit and trade freely in various markets using the different liquidity engines as directed by the Lexer Smart Router.

  • Liquidity providers can choose which liquidity engine to provide for, keeping in mind that depending on their choice they will receive a different type of yield.

  • 30% of the total trading fees goes to the staked LEX token holders (+ esLEX token holders).

  • 70% of the total trading fees goes to liquidity providers in addition to profits from trader losses in the native tokens.

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