🎁Referooor Program

Invite your frens and followers to LEXER and earn an unlimited $ETH rebates. The more your frens trade on LEXER, the more rewards you can earn 🎁


Tier You can earn Traders' Discount

Tier 1

5% Rebates

5% Discount

Tier 2 OG

10% Rebates

5% Discount

Any user of a referral code will enjoy a 5% discount on the trading fee.

How it works

1. Join the Referoor Program

Navigate to the Referral page on Lexer.Markets and follow the instructions.

2. Invite your frens to use LEXER

Share your unique referral link through your social channels. You can use our Affiliates Resource Center for promotional best practices, guides, videos, and more.

3. Earn your unlimited rewards!

For every trade from your frens, you’ll earn at least 5% of trading rebate - no limits!

See how much you could earn

Sarah invites three frens, John, Emma, and Michael.

The one-week trading volume for each fren was:

  • John: $30,000

  • Emma: $4,000,000

  • Michael: $500,000

Since Sarah referred 3 frens with her referral code, as a Tier 1 member, she is eligible for a 5% rebate from her frens' Lexer trading fees.

To calculate her rebate, we multiply the total trading volume of her referred frens ($10,000 + $2,000,000 + $300,000) by the trading fee discount of 5%. Then, we apply the 5% rebate, resulting in a total rebate of $135.9 worth of ETH for Sarah.

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