LEXER Markets


LEXER v1: Isolated Multi-Asset Pools

When it comes to liquidity risk management, the key is in the concept of isolation. Risk exposure can be limited through effective firewalls that safeguard user liquidity.
However, isolation typically comes with a cost. In the context of perpetual exchange, it can potentially lead to liquidity fragmentation and reduced capital concentration, which can limit traders and provide inefficient yields for the liquidity providers.
Prioritizing both efficiency and risk management, Lexer's v1 launch introduced two isolated XLP pools with carefully selected underlying assets and configurations:

The CoreCrypto Pool

Facilitating essential trading activities and providing limited market exposure to liquidity providers, CoreCrypto is a pool comprised of the primary pillars of crypto assets:
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDC & USDC.e
  • USDT

The Arbi Pool

As an Arbitrum native builder, LEXER focuses on promoting the mass adoption of ARB as a native asset. With this in mind, the Arbi Pool effectively enables new markets and lucrative yield opportunities within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This pool features an Arbitrum foundation of crypto assets:
  • ARB
  • ETH
  • USDC & USDC.e

LEXER v2: Synthetic Engines and Enhanced Risk Management

To enable the motto of “Long and Short Everything”, synthetic engines are a must for our trading platform. However, instead of the settlement or margining system, the key to a successful synthetic system is found in its risk management.
Standing on the shoulders of giants, with innovation from the team, LEXER v2 aims to provide unmatched liquidity and user experience:
Synthetic Pools: Enabling More Markets
  • Forex Pool
  • AltCrypto Pool
  • NFT Pool
  • RWA Pool
Smart Router: A Smooth Trading Experience
  • Unified trade routing
  • Unified position management
  • Unified liquidity provision
Enhanced Risk Management: Above-Standard LP Protection
  • Decentralized low-latency oracle
  • Dynamic funding rate
  • Enhanced monitoring and alerts
  • Security bounties
With these new v2 additions, the LEXER team will continue to strive for what was originally promised, but bigger, better, and worth the wait. Read more about LEXER roadmap: https://medium.com/@lexer.markets/lexer-a-new-beginning-the-same-ambition-248d50dbe3b4