LEXER Markets
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Getting started

Connecting your wallet

Before starting your trading journey on Lexer, you can connect your wallet through the "connect wallet" on the top right corner of the trade page:
Press here to connect wallet
After selecting and connecting your wallet, please ensure you are on the Arbitrum network. There may be a pop up that will redirect you to Arbitrum if necessary.
If you're participating in the Paper Trading Competition, you will need to connect to Testnet

Sending funds to Arbitrum

You will need to have funds in your Arbitrum account to start trading.
The easiest way to get funds on the Arbitrum network is to use a centralized exchange that is integrated with Arbitrum, eg Binance or Bybit.
Alternatively you can send ETH from another chain to Arbitrum through a decentralized bridge.
The token bridging can vary from 1 minute to 1 hour, depending on the network traffic. Here are some options below you can choose:
  • Multichain
  • Stargate
  • Synapse

Opening trades

Before opening a trade, start by selecting the market and the trading pair for which you want to begin trading.
Click on "Long" (Buy) or "Short" (Sell) depending on which side of the leveraged trade you are taking. After selecting your side, you can enter the desired collateral and adjust the leverage using the leverage slider shown below.
After setting the parameters, simply click on "Open Position" and confirm the transaction on your connected wallet.

Closing trades

On the same asset trading page, you can see your trade details under the My Positions list. If you wish to close your position, you can click on the Close action on the right side.
Stop losses and take profit mechanisms will be introduced in Lexer v2 and traders will be able to modify these in this same action.